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Hydraulic jack additive summary in hydraulic oil

The medium used by jacks is hydraulic oil, so hydraulic oil is very important for hydraulic jacks. And because there are several kinds of additive in the oil, the following details are introduced:
Hydraulic oil additives in the jack are used to improve the properties or properties of the base oil to meet the various requirements of the working medium in the application. Commonly used additives for hydraulic oils are as follows:
1. Viscosity enhancer can increase viscosity and viscosity index of base oil, also known as thickener. (jack)
2. Pour point depressant reduces the freezing point of hydraulic oil.
3, anti-wear agents reduce friction, wear, improve efficiency and longevity. (Hydraulic jacks)
Anti-foaming agents are additives that are used to prevent bubbles from forming and that can promote bubble bursting.
5. The emulsifier makes the hydraulic oil a relatively stable emulsion additive. (Electric hydraulic jack)
6. Antioxidant additives that prevent the oxidation of hydraulic oil.
7, anti-repair agents are used to prevent metal corrosion.
After sharing the above statements, we learned how to extend the service life of hydraulic jacks.
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